Socioemotional Learning

SCCS Socioemotional Support Services

  • Individual and group counseling: Referred students will have the opportunity to engage in counseling with either our guidance counselors or social workers
  • Bereavement and COVID loss groups: We will be holding space for students who have experienced loss to process with our social worker and their peers.
  • Parent consultations on student concerns: SCCS will hold space for parents and families to discuss their child’s unique challenges, strengths and needs to ensure we all start the fall semester off right.
  • Family Support Group: We will hold space for our SCCS families to find support with one another during such challenging times. Community is key!
  • SEL 101 for families: SCCS will be holding virtual workshops that provide foundational info and tips on youth mental health and wellbeing.
  • Regular engagement events (virtual and/or in person): SCCS has several exciting events in the works for the fall semester! We want our students and families to feel excited, connected and engaged!
  • Daily wellness surveys: Getting student feedback will allow us to provide efficient and effective services to students so that no one who can benefit from support falls under the radar.
  • Advisory curriculum tailored to reentry: We will be adjusting our existing curriculum to ensure all students have the opportunity to process COVID and reentry experiences.