About Us

Our Mission

Spring Creek Community School has a single goal: to help our students become healthy, independent, successful adults. Our curriculum, community partnerships, extra-curricular activities, elective courses, and Advisory program, are all focused on providing each student with learning experiences that meet their individual needs. Students at SCCS are citizens and community members; an entire community of teachers, administrators, educators, counselors, families, and friends are collaborating to support their journey to adulthood.

At SCCS, we emphasize the arts and technology across the curriculum; our teaching and learning focuses on critical thinking, creative thinking, and literacy, because these are the skills that are required to be successful in the 21st Century. Students who can ask questions and solve problems, who can navigate systems and institutions and negotiate with different perspectives, who can build relationships with others and approach even the most difficult task with both patience and confidence, these are students who have the tools and skills they need to have agency and choices in their adult lives. We believe that our students are entitled to an education that supports them in becoming empowered, independent, compassionate thinkers, and enables them to be successful on whatever path they choose. At Spring Creek Community School, students not only learn, they “do,” and experience, and develop the real-life skills and habits that prepare them to be successful in the real world.