Physical Education, Health and Athletics

Department of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

The SCCS Physical Education, Health and Athletics department is geared toward developing student’s ability to lead a health and active lifestyle.

Students engage in moderate to vigorous physical activity while learning about the components of fitness and the importance of proper nutrition. Students are exposed to a variety of activities and games that develop teamwork, cooperation, problem-solving and conflict resolution all while improving their general fitness. Students are assessed by instructors using the Fitnessgram system, with the results being sent home so parents can help monitor their children’s progress.

Physical Education Rules, Regulations and Grading Policy

Instructors: Mr. Ribenbach, Mr. Weinstein

Goals: Our Physical Education curriculum enables our students to make decisions that lead to lifelong health and wellness. Students participate in physical activities not only to develop their skills in a particular sport, but to realize it is contributing to their overall health. Our FitnessGram allows students to track their health and fitness throughout their school career.

Uniform Policy: During the current school year, students are required to wear sneakers to participate in activities. Please make sure that sneakers are worn on the days that gym is scheduled. If sneakers are not worn, participation will be very limited. As you will see in our grading policy, most of the physical education grade will be based on participation.

Expectations and Rules:

  • Students must obey the whistle. Upon hearing the whistle students must immediately fall silent and sit.
  • Upon entering the gym, students must immediately put their bookbag away and sit on their floor spots. Students who are late to their spots will be penalized.
  • No gum chewing, food or drinks, are allowed in the gym.
  • No electronic devices will be allowed. Any confiscated electronics will be returned to parents ONLY.
  • Any injuries should immediately be reported to the instructor.
  • All students must remain in the gym until dismissed by the instructor.
  • No student can leave the gym without a pass or permission.
  • No student is allowed in the equipment room without permission.
  • Obscene language, gestures, harassment or disrespect is strictly prohibited.
  • Following rules and showing good behavior must be carried out in the gym. Due to safety concerns if a student does not follow rules, they may be removed from class.

Grading Policy:

  • Dress and Participation-60%
  • Effort-20%
  • Physical Skill-10%
  • Physical Fitness test-10%