Who We Are

At Spring Creek Community School, we believe that all children are capable of individual high achievement. Each child walks through our doors with unique needs and interests and the perspective of their own lived experience; for us to truly educate and support each child as they navigates the world and engages in their own learning, every child at this school must be seen, known, and heard. We best support and nurture a child when we make every effort to know them and consider the world from their perspective. Adults and children alike are empowered when they have the supports, challenges, and encouragement necessary to take risks, learn self-reliance, and believe in themselves. Each student is entitled to an education that supports them in becoming empowered, independent, compassionate critical thinkers, and enables them to be successful on whatever path they choose. At Spring Creek Community School, students not only learn, they do, and experience, and develop the real-life skills and habits that prepare them to be successful in the real world.