School Overview

Spring Creek Community School


Spring Creek Community School is a new 6-12 school, entering our fourth year, with a full Middle School and opening our high school in the fall of 2015. At SCCS, students enjoy hands-on, project-based curricula that challenges them to question, discuss, and explore how their learning is connected to the real world. The arts and technology are integrated into their daily instruction, and literacy, logic, and problem-solving are emphasized across the curriculum; students are programmed for additional periods in Math and Literacy to support student success in these key areas, and additional time is embedded into the school day to extend instructional time for students and maximize our ability to provide targeted and differentiated instruction for all our learners.

Spring Creek Community School is a brand-new facility with an auditorium, state-of-the-art science and computer labs, an art room, several music rooms, a portable recording studio, and multiple cafeterias and gymnasiums. All classrooms are equipped with Smartboards, Document Cameras, and multiple computers, so students are developing 21st-Century technology skills in every class, every day. Our school culture emphasizes public and lifelong learning, and teachers plan and collaborate on a daily basis. Each Wednesday students are released early, and the entire staff participates in weekly two-hour Professional Developments on-site that offer resources, training, and professional support. Literacy and Instructional Coaches provide weekly on-the-job training for teachers as part of our commitment to ongoing reflective practice, and Administration/Lead Teachers run regular “planning clinics” to support teacher use of data inquiry and curriculum/unit planning to impact student learning.

SCCS Advisory program is a cornerstone of our school culture; all students are assigned to an Advisory that meets three times a week, and provides each child with the social, emotional, and academic support necessary for each child to learn and thrive on their path to success. Advisories spearhead school-wide projects and initiatives such as seasonal food drives, Student Government, charity fundraising, and take responsibility for planning school events like Spirit Week, Career Day, and the Spring Dance. Advisories compete as teams in our Field Days and Schoolwide Competitions, and work as smaller community units within our larger school. Advisors stay with their Advisory students throughout Middle School, and build long-term relationships with parents and families to communicate about student progress. A full-time Guidance department works with staff and students to emphasize our community values of empathy, justice, and integrity, and support students and families along the path to success in college, career, and beyond.

SCCS knows that collaboration and communication with parents, guardians, and families is key to all our success. All parents are registered with an online account, which gives them access to their student's information, and allows them to contact teachers directly. Monthly progress reports are sent home to parents, and our educators and staff are in regular communication with parents, who participate in community events such as the Winter Potluck, Field Day, and Student Exhibitions.

Another important aspect of SCCS’s focus on the whole child, and our belief in the centrality of critical and creative thinking to student success, is our emphasis on developing partnerships with arts, academic, and technology organizations to integrate enrichment into the daily learning of all students. SCCS prioritizes enrichment opportunities within and beyond the school day, and our recruitment strategies, allocation of resources, and Professional Development are all aligned with this goal. In addition to Enrichment Electives (past and present courses include Filmmaking, Hip-Hop Culture, Lego Robotics, Technology & Coding, Creative Writing, Drama, Professional Voice-Over Recording, and Weightlifting), we have school-based partnerships with multiple arts, community, and academic organizations (including foundational partnerships with BRIC Arts, the Brooklyn Public Library, and The Shubert Foundation), giving students hands-on access to performing, film, and visual arts throughout the school day. All 6th and 9th graders are programmed for full-time visual arts classes, and after school and lunchtime club offerings include Step, Beatmaking/Recording Studio, Drama, Art, Service Club, Student Consultation Committee, Track, CHAMPS, Broadway Junior, and more. SCCS is a recipient of Community School and Middle School Initiative grants, which allow us to provide comprehensive counseling, health, and mentorship services to students throughout the school day via our on-site CBO, Pathways to Leadership, and run after-school Middle School programs five days a week.