Partner Organizations

BRIC ARTS In-School Residency

BRIC partners with public schools across Brooklyn, offering school-wide residencies, exhibitions at schools, and professional development opportunities directed at artist teachers and classroom teachers alike. These contemporary art education programs support the aesthetic development of the entire school community.

Brooklyn Connections

Brooklyn Connections is a school outreach initiative based out of Brooklyn Public Library's Brooklyn Collection offering classes rare access to original archival materials while completing a customized, standards-based project.

Brooklyn Historical Society: Young Curators

“Young Curators” turns classes of students into curators through 10-week in-school residencies with a BHS educator. Students become the historians as they explore primary sources from BHS’s collections in order to uncover the history of their school and neighborhood.

The Cliffs

SCCS is proud to have partnered with the Cliffs' youth outreach program. Through this program, students get several things- admission to the Cliffs' climbing facilities, they also get to spend time with the Cliffs' staff who help to focus on building leadership, collaborative, and problem-solving skills while teaching climbing technique and allowing kids to explore rock climbing.

Generation Ready

Generation Ready is the only national provider of leader and teacher professional learning services that uniquely combines deep instructional job-embedded expertise, innovative technology tools, and a targeted digital content library that ensures sustained professional growth and improved student learning.

New York City Teaching Collaborative

As part of SCCS' commitment to ongoing professional learning, impacting student achievement, and contributing to ensuring equity and quality in public education for all students, we have partnered with the New York City Teaching Collaborative to support the development of high-quality teachers for New York City students. The mission of the NYC Teaching Collaborative is to recruit and prepare talented, committed individuals to become effective teachers who dedicate themselves to raising student achievement and effecting change in New York City's highest-need schools. The NYC Teaching Collaborative affords aspiring teachers the opportunity to apprentice in a New York City public school as Partner Teachers for eight months prior to becoming a full-time teacher. During this unique, practical preparation, participants grow into effective teachers through hands-on experiences in a public school classroom and targeted, ongoing coaching from skilled school-based Collaborative Coaches and program staff. Partner Teachers are supervised, mentored, and coached by Collaborative Coaches, who are experienced classroom teachers (SCCS staff).

PROSE (Progressive Redesign Opportunity Schools for Excellence)

The Progressive Redesign Opportunity for Schools of Excellence program was established as part of a new contract between the UFT, CSA and the DOE. The PROSE program enables schools who have a demonstrated record of effective school leadership, collaboration, and trust to implement innovative practices outside of existing rules.


Recycle-A-Bicycle recognizes the bicycle as a resource to foster self-assurance and creativity among young people. They teach basic bicycle mechanics and repair, promote environmental stewardship, run a youth ride club, and lead workshops on recycled arts. Many of the program's students also participate in community events and projects, including volunteering as mechanics and marshals at benefit rides, refurbishing children’s bicycles for local charities and Kids Bike Swaps, and participating in bike rides and environmentally-focused events. We hope to get SCCS students involved in these initiatives too!

Students in their school-based programs have the opportunity to earn a bicycle. Once they have learned basic bicycle mechanics through RAB’s bike curriculum, students volunteer time after school and earn hours in exchange for a bicycle frame. Participants build bikes for themselves, friends, and family members, too.

Spring Creek Community School is proud to be one of the 46 Showcase Schools in NYC!

SCCS Focus: Maintaining a Culture of Continuous Learning

The Showcase Schools program is designed to recognize, celebrate, and share promising practices across New York City Department of Education schools. Showcase Schools promote collaboration by hosting three visits throughout the school year, in which any interested NYC DOE educator may attend.


The Shubert Foundation/MTI Broadway Junior program is a significantly funded opportunity to strengthen the arts in your school through musical theater. This dynamic program supports NYC public middle schools as they produce, rehearse and perform a one hour musical in Winter/Spring of 2015. Shubert/MTI Broadway Junior, a partnership among the Shubert Foundation, Music Theatre International (MTI) and the NYC Department of Education, provides up to $10,500 in services and resources to engage schools in the proess of creating a sustainable theater program and developing creative life-long learners.

The goals of the Broadway Junior Program are to:
  • Support middle schools to develop sustainable quality arts education programs
  • Engage students in the joyful process of creating musical theater (rehearsal, design, and performance)
  • Foster a strong educational community as students, teachers, staff, and families all “play a role”
  • Encourage the connection of arts programming to curriculum study in all content areas

Sierra Club

New York City Inspiring Connections Outdoors (NYC ICO) is the Sierra Club's community outreach program for children and adolescents growing up in New York's inner city areas. It is a volunteer organization working to provide young people with outdoor recreational opportunities, leadership training, positive group experiences and environmental education, while imbuing in them a love of nature and the outdoors. Through the Sierra Club ICO, SCCS will be participating in group hikes, camping trips and possibly more!

Urban Advantage

Urban Advantage is a standards-based partnership program designed to improve students’ understanding of scientific inquiry through collaborations between urban public school systems and science cultural institutions such as zoos, botanical gardens, museums, and science centers. We believe that their extraordinary scientific and cultural resources convey a true “urban advantage.” Traditionally, these institutions have supported formal science education goals only indirectly. Urban Advantage involves institutions outside the formal education system that support the science-specific goals of the public school system.