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SCCS Student Activities and Clubs

New After School Clubs

  • Computer Coding
  • Martial Arts
  • Step
  • Beats, Rhymes and Life

Adventure Club

The SCCS Adventure Club, or the Brooklyn Ramblers, comes together to go on all sorts of outdoor adventures. Through a series of partnership- with DUMBO Boulders, Recycle-a-Bicycle and the Sierra Club- students get a wide range of outdoor experiences. Adventurers go rock climbing once a week during the fall and spring, showing off their strength and their problem solving skills. They learn to build and repair their own bicycles in the winter, which they will be able to ride and even take home when they are done with the building process. The club will get the opportunity for weekend hiking trips and maybe even go camping, outdoor rock climbing or white water rafting down the road! The Outdoor Sports Club meets with high schoolers and middle schoolers separately, but high schoolers get the chance to demonstrate their leadership skills by being a part of all the activities.


Middle School Sport and Fitness League is an initiative of the New York City Department of Education that promotes physical activity among children going through the critical years of middle school. The name CHAMPS derives from the initials of the five values that define our participants: Cooperative, Healthy, Active, Motivated, and Positive Students.

Chess Club

Chess Club meets once a week to practice and learn about chess. Each meeting starts by warming up with a few practice games, followed by lessons on play strategy and opening strategy. Club members are working their way towards a chess tournament and are excited about the opportunities

Drama Club

Drama Club

The Spring Creek Community School drama club, in conjunction with a grant from the Schubert Foundation, meets after school to support students in the development of vital communication and life skills. Immersing themselves in the different performing arts, New York has to offer, S.C.C.S students take trips to see both local and professional theater at least twice a year. S.C.C.S students have also performed twice on broadway stages, showcasing their talent and hard work at the Broadway jr. finale shows each year.

Through engaging activities and the dedication of S.C.C.S. teachers, the student experience culminates in the production of a high quality performance in our state of the art auditorium twice a year. Back stage crew works on technical lighting and sound design, costume creation, and makeup, learning professional techniques. Thus far, students have produced the the plays, "And musical theater for all", "10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse", "Rapunzel Uncut", and the musicals "Suessical jr." and "Beauty and the Beast, jr.".

Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA)

The Spring Creek Community School Gender and Sexuality Alliance (GSA) clubs are organizations run by students and staff at the high school and middle school levels that bring together LGBTQ+ and straight students to support each other. They provide safe places to socialize and find camaraderie, and provide a space which allows for a platform to fight for racial, gender, LGBTQ, and economic justice both within school and outside. "GSA" has historically stood for Gay-Straight Alliance, however many clubs like our own have expanded the name beyond the binary Gay-Straight terminology to embrace students of a broader set of identities.

Service Club

The SCCS Volunteer Service Club was founded in 2015 by a 7th grade student looking for ways to improve her community and a teacher with experience facilitating youth volunteerism in NYC. The club meets weekly at lunch time and works to identify community needs and find ways to address them. Past Volunteer Service Club initiatives have included a school-wide recycling drive, a breast cancer awareness campaign, a food drive for City Harvest, a visit to a neighborhood nursing home and more. Volunteer Service Club members are dedicated to using their time and talents to improve their community.


The Shubert Foundation/MTI Broadway Junior program is a significantly funded opportunity to strengthen the arts in your school through musical theater. This dynamic program supports NYC public middle schools as they produce, rehearse and perform a one hour musical in Winter/Spring of 2015. Shubert/MTI Broadway Junior, a partnership among the Shubert Foundation, Music Theatre International (MTI) and the NYC Department of Education, provides up to $10,500 in services and resources to engage schools in the process of creating a sustainable theater program and developing creative life-long learners.

The goals of the Broadway Junior Program are to:

Drama Club
  • Support middle schools to develop sustainable quality arts education programs
  • Engage students in the joyful process of creating musical theater (rehearsal, design, and performance)
  • Foster a strong educational community as students, teachers, staff, and families all “play a role”
  • Encourage the connection of arts programming to curriculum study in all content areas

Student Council

All advisory groups are represented by two elected students in our Student Government. Members of student council do everything from producing theatrical productions to co-planning Orientation and Recruitment events.

Tech Team

Members of the SCCS Tech Team train on everything from the state-of-the-art sound and lighting system in out auditorium, to the computers, interactive Smartboards, and devices that make learning possible in our community. Members of the Tech Team are responsible for training other students in the use of technology and running tech related programs in our school.

Track Club

Students train with teacher-coaches to prepare for meets throughout New York City. Participants are also required to attend mandatory study halls.