Uniform Policy

Spring Creek Community School Uniform Policy

The Spring Creek Community School has a uniform policy that encourages every student to dress for success! The SCCS Uniform Policy was instituted prior to our founding year, in consultation with the families of District 19 and our prospective students; 100% of these families requested that SCCS students wear uniforms. As a community, we believe that school uniforms promote a sense of pride in our school and solidarity between students. We also believe that a clean-cut and professional image eliminates many distractions, can reduce financial burdens or peer pressure on families and students, and keeps our focus on learning. Therefore, school uniforms are expected to fit the student appropriately, be cleaned on a regular basis, and cannot deviate from the style and color choices. Students are expected to present themselves in a neat, clean, and professional manner at all times; while the school may designate non-uniform days, such decisions will be made by the principal. Our school uniform can be ordered at http://smoothusa.com/SCCS . SCCS uniforms are also available at Ideal Department Store for families who prefer to purchase in person.

The dress requirements are as follows:

All students must wear solid black dress pants. Belts must be worn. Pants should be no more than one size larger than the waist. Pants must always be worn at the waist. There should never be low-rise, baggy, sagging or dragging of the pants. No jeans, cargo or carpenter pants, leggings or sweatpants of any kind.

All students must wear polo-style solid short or long sleeve shirts with the school logo. In the middle school the shirts will be royal blue. In the high school the shirts will be gray. Shirts should fit appropriately and not be more than one size larger than the student’s body size. There will be no bare waists, midriffs, bare backs or low necklines permitted. If undershirts are worn they must be solid white. In addition, during cold weather months, students will be allowed to wear the school uniform sweatshirt, which is available for purchase online or a plain black cardigan sweater or black or white long-sleeved shirt underneath the uniform. No hoodies will be permitted.

All students must wear athletic shoes, leather shoes or boots that are solid black, white, gray or brown. Pants must be able to fit over the boots and may not be tucked into the boots. No flip-flops or sandals of any kind are permitted. Hats, scarves or any other type of head covering is not permitted except for religious or medical reasons. Documentation must be provided in these instances.

All students at Spring Creek Community School are expected to comply with the Dress Code. Students who fail to come to school not in uniform will be required to wear a uniform that will be provided for the day. This uniform must be returned at the end of the school day.

Royal Blue Middle School Shirt and Crew Grey High School Shirt and Crew

Uniforms are available for purchase at:

Ideal Department

1816 Flatbush Avenue and Avenue K

Brooklyn, NY 11210


Holding our students accountable for our Uniform Policy is the responsibility of all SCCS staff members. At no point should students in a classroom be wearing hats, accessories that violate the uniform policy, or be out of uniform without being held accountable. All staff members are expected to be proactive in communicating with students and parents/guardians about habitual infractions of the Uniform Policy. Students who are egregiously out of uniform (i.e., no uniform pants or shirts) will be identified at the beginning of first period, and provided with a loaner uniform. Guidance, Admin, and support/main office staff work together to ensure all students are provided with any necessary temporary uniform items.

No hats, scarves, or any other type of head covering may be worn except for religious or medical reasons. Documentation must be provided in these instances.

Any student or family that has difficulty obtaining or purchasing uniforms for their child should contact Ms. Holland, Parent Coordinator for assistance.