Spring Creek Community School’s Math Department is committed to opening the doors of tomorrow for the students of today. Through student-centered activities, our teachers focus on creating an environment where students are confident enough to take risks, ask questions, consider different perspectives, and explore new concepts through investigation and problem-solving. As a department, we value learning that makes connections to the “real-world.” Our students explore how the math skills they acquire can be applied to their own lives and inform and analyzing stock market trends. We look forward to serving the scholars and families of our Spring Creek Community! Spring Creek Community School has adopted the NYS Common Core learning standards, while also adhering to the new aligned State assessments. We have adopted multiple curricula to support our diverse student population. All of our materials are aligned to the New Common Core to create an environment where every student feels supported. Currently, we are using the new CMP3 that the city has adopted, while scaffolding with Go Math, and Glencoe Math-Your Common Core Edition to support our efforts to bridge the achievement gap as we work to continue to provide them with the skills and concepts needed for college and career readiness.

Math Resources for Students and Families:

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